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Alaska Legislature

Content Standards

PTA Advocacy
Alaska Quality Schools Intiative
National Legislation
National Education Association

PTA Advocacy

Statutes Governing Alaska Education (AS 14)

Resolutions--"Where We Stand"

"To secure adequate laws..."

Direct Access to
Alaska Education Agency materials

Parent Involvement
in the Alaska Education Code
National School Boards Association

Alaska PTA Legislative News

What's Happening In Washington,
the National PTA Legislative Newsletter

Alaska PTA Report on the 00th Legislative Session

Alaska PTA Report on the 00th Legislative Session


 Alaska Legislature Online

The xxth Session of the Alaska Legislature is now closed.
Look for a recap of the session in the near future.

Primer on the Legislative Process in Alaska


 Legislative Information on the Internet

In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson,
a service of the U.S. Congress through its Library

U. S. House of Representatives

Who Represents Me in Congress?

U. S. Senate

U.S. Federal Government Executive Branch

U.S. Judicial Branch Resources

The Congressional Record

Primer on the Legislative Process

The Alaska Delegation, including EMAIL and Web Addresses

Several members of the Alaska Delegation in the U.S. Congress have implemented electronic mail addresses and/or web sites for their constituents. We currently have the following addresses and telephone numbers for members of the Alaska delegation:

Please note that this list is provided solely for the convenience of our members and does not constitute or imply endorsement of any of the elected officers listed below.

United States Senate
Senators from Alaska-- 105th Congress

United States House of Representatives
Alaska Delegation --105th Congress

Alaska PTA Advocacy

Alaska PTA strives to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youths through numerous avenues in both Austin and Washington, D.C. including:

Alaska PTA Legislative News

Alaska PTA Legislative News is provided free of charge to all PTA president monthly during legislative session and quarterly when the legislature is not in session.

Direct Access to AKEA Materials

The Alaska Department od Education has a vast amount of material available on their web site. This material includes the full text of the Alaska Education Code, there is data on every school district in the state.